In progress: HOMED’s full panel of scientific knowledge and practical solutions

When HOMED started in 2018, all partners had a clear goal in mind: to develop a comprehensive panel of scientific knowledge and practical solutions for the management of emerging native and non-native pests and pathogens (PnPs). Since then, inspired by the paraphrase of French President Chirac’s exclamation during the 2002 Earth Summit, "How can we sleep, while our forests are burning?", partners have been working tirelessly to achieve that goal. 

To make sure their efforts leave as solid a mark as possible, HOMED launched its own Knowledge Hub. Its main goal is to transfer the knowledge generated throughout the project in order to help forest stakeholders in the management of emerging and invasive pests and pathogens in European forests. The Knowledge Hub will provide information for the full cycle of invasion management – risk analyses, prevention/detection, surveillance, eradication/containment and control – ensuring maximum exploitation of the results even after the project’s lifetime.


HOMED's Knowledge Hub

The Hub will contain two main types of information: practical solutions (toolbox) and scientific knowledge. The practical solutions are either online tools with an interactive interface or descriptive sheets of developed prototypes. Additionally, HOMED’s scientific knowledge will be presented in the form of graphical abstracts popularising scientific results and policy briefs providing policy recommendations. This wide variety of information outputs will ensure all stakeholder groups can find something useful on the Hub: from forest practitioners to high-level policy-makers.

And although not all the information is available yet, HOMED’s Knowledge Hub is now live here. All resources will be updated as soon as they are made available, so stay tuned. 

Head on to HOMED’s Knowledge Hub to find out more.